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Program Commitment Overview

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Program Commitment

Our F.C. Horizon soccer year is 11 months long: July - May. Teams will practice twice per week (U14+ sometimes up to 3 per week) and have weekend games throughout the year. We ask players to commit to an entire year with the team, just as the coaches are committing to their team for the year.

Club & Coaching Fees

Age Group
Paid Annually*
Monthly Installments


$119 for 11 months



$134 for 11 months



$139 for 11 months



$144 for 11 months

High School Players**


$144 for 8 months

Sibling Discount: $10 per month

*Families who choose to pay the annual fee in one payment will receive a $50 discount (reflected in annual price listed)

**High School players participate with their F.C. Horizon club team July-February. High School season is March-May

Q&A with club owner, Matt Holdaway, and Director of Coaching, Dylan Fiegel

Team Fees

All additional league and/or tournament costs will be divided evenly among all players and paid directly to the event providers through each team's manager. Team Managers calculate team costs by season- Fall, Winter, Spring - according to the events each team chooses to participate in.

Tournaments: There will be a tournament entry fee of approximately $60-65 per player per tournament. Most teams will participate in 3-5 tournaments per year. This typically includes three travel tournaments; 1 fall, 1 winter, 1 spring. Teams will also have the opportunity to participate in one local fall tournament and one local spring tournament.

League: These fees will include any necessary registration fees, referee fees, or field rentals required to participate in these leagues.

Uniforms: Each individual player is responsible for purchasing a F.C. Horizon uniform which includes two primary jerseys, an alternate training jersey, shorts, and socks. We are partnering with adidas for the 2023-2028 seasons. The team store through soccer.com is scheduled to open the first week of June after tryouts.

adidas Uniforms 2024-2026 kit: $217-$245

adidas Jersey – Light Grey (Home) & adidas Jersey – Green (Away)

adidas Jersey – Lime (Training/Alternate)

adidas Shorts – Grey + Green

adidas Socks – Grey + Green

Association and Insurance Card US Youth Soccer Association and Arkansas Soccer Player Card: $22 - $30

Questions about fees or need to talk about alternative payment plans?

Please send us an email fchorizon@nwaupstartathletics.com.

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