Join one of our 6-7 week long seasonal leagues. Offered year-round.

School Classes

Our trained coaches lead weekly soccer classes at participating preschools.

Bring out their best - on and off the field.

Kickstart your child's development with soccer.
Feeling overwhelmed about organized sports for preschoolers?
FEET FIRST Soccer combines imaginative curriculum with soccer-specific fitness programs to ensure kids are having fun and developing, no matter what sport they play in the future.



Families today are busier than ever. Feet First classes and leagues are designed with flexible schedule options...

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Families today are busier than ever. We get that - and we believe in developing well-rounded children that participate in a wide variety of activities. That's why our Feet First programs are designed with flexible schedule options.

Our leagues are offered in multiple locations throughout the area. Plus, we have options almost every day of the week. School classes and Park classes are offered as day-time sessions. We're sure to have an option that fits your family's schedule!


When properly introduced, sports is wonderful for kids to start at an early age....

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Feet First Soccer is NOT win-at-all-costs team sports. It is designed specifically for 2.5-5 year old children.

Why? We believe our active-start program in early childhood will maximize your child's growth in physical literacy, cognitive learning and soccer skills.

How? All of our programs are designed to build on the rapidly developing imaginations of preschoolers. Our philosophy of coaching is to focus exclusively on the individual development of each child - which is great for your child, but also results in programs that are way more fun because every child has their own ball.

Plus, our curriculum is built around the things kids enjoy most: songs, stories, adventures and imaginative games. This means every child is mentally engaged due to a format that naturally appeals to kids.

Our curriculum incorporates all the things young children need for healthy development:

  • Running, jumping, twisting, stretching, hopping, kicking, balancing
  • Trying new things, problem solving, overcoming challenges, being creative
  • Learning to be brave, to help others, to work together, to listen, to communicate



Volunteer parent coaches? Nope, we got you. We are coaches who think like educators...

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While we know there are some wonderful volunteer parent-coached organizations, we love being able to staff our programs with trained soccer coaches.

Our curriculum draws on child development best practices to teach fitness, self-concept - and yes, soccer. All of our coaches are hired with this balance in mind.


Your child has potential. Our programs are progressional and designed to maximize their potential through each phase...

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One of our core beliefs is that every child has great potential - and we can help them reach it. Our programs are designed like stepping stones. Each one plays a specific role in your child's "player development pathway." Feet First is the foundation of our pathway, and also serves as a great foundation no matter what sport they play in the future. Our focus is on individual growth which allows your child to develop from Feet First to Step Up Soccer Academy and continuing to F.C. Horizon.

The goal is to develop active, healthy people for life by jumpstarting their physical, social, emotional and soccer skills. If we can get the foundation right, your child can have a positive and enjoyable youth soccer career for as long as they want to play.

We know that not every child will play college or professional soccer. But, we want them to have a clear developmental pathway for as long as they are passionate about the game. We provide a soccer player development pathway that works for every child - not just the 1% who will play at the highest level. And, for our players who DO play at higher levels, we want them to be well-prepared to get there.

  1. Feet First
  2. Step Up Soccer Academy
  3. F.C. Horizon - Select and Premier
  4. College or Adult lifetime player
  5. Professional or Adult lifetime player

Don't settle for unorganized leagues with negative team cultures.

The right environment, coaches, and curriculum will ensure a positive introduction to soccer and create a foundation to help them reach their full potential.

You and your child can have an enjoyable and foundational first soccer experience!

Positive, encouraging environment
Trained, caring coaches
Organized sessions
Clear communication
Small teams, small fields

Feet First Programs

Three options to fit your schedule.



Led by trained coaches, our year-round, seasonal leagues provide the right environment & curriculum for team play....more>

Feet First leagues are a combined session of our imaginative curriculum plus a real 3v3 soccer game. This is a great way to introduce your child to team sports. You are able to sit back and watch as your child learns new skills and makes new friends.



Our trained coaches lead weekly soccer classes at participating preschools.....more>

Families today are busier than ever before. Feet First classes bring the child development benefits of our soccer curriculum right to your child's school. Our trained coaches lead weekly soccer classes that guide your child on exciting adventures while teaching fundamental soccer skills

AGES 2½ - 5


AGES 5-7



AGES 7-12



AGES 7-18



Have a ball!

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